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Special features

  • Blade is a modular shelving system whose back panel is consisting of sound-absorbing panels made with Snowsound technology.
  • The slim shelves create a visually light and minimalist overall image
  • The shelves are entirely made in epoxy powder-coated steel: a wall-mounted load-bearing core and a very thin external lining (support surface).
  • Sound is formed by waves that reflect off solid surfaces. In rooms constructed from timber, concrete or glass, echoes can be created causing an unpleasant, loud environment.
  • Snowsound’s® patented technology is based on the use of panels composed of material with variable densities to achieve selective absorption at different frequencies, optimising the acoustic environment.
  • Modular shelving system with back panel consisting of sound-absorbing material made with Snowbound’s patented technology.


Materials Upholstered shell: 9-layer wood veneer Birch-natural. Glue: Casco Adhesive 1272. Foam: Type CMHR-65H.
Dimensions Weight: Four®Cast Lounge 6,8 kg.


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