The Why ottoman (3 prongs) can be utilised as a stand alone piece or grouped to create sculptural configurations. Why is an ideal high traffic public seating system for malls, airports, foyers and galleries.

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Special features

  1. An expressive and artistic lightweight acoustic panel that can be wall or ceiling mounted.
  2. Our idea is an acoustic panel that need not be hidden or disguised. Taking advantage of two-sided panels and Snowsound® technology, we instinctively thought of a variable and lightweight surface made up of several modules which can be located in the space according to the changing needs of our contemporary lifestyles. Not so much a partition wall but an aerial wall mounted or ceiling structure that affords the end user the utmost creative and expressive freedom.
  3. Sound is formed by waves that reflect off solid surfaces. In rooms constructed from timber, concrete or glass, echoes can be created causing an unpleasant, loud environment.
  4. Snowsound’s patented technology is based on the use of panels composed of material with variable densities to achieve selective absorption at different frequencies, optimising the acoustic environment.
  5. The new Flap System has numerous quality fittings available for freestanding, wall or ceiling-mounted options.


OPTIONS Numerous quality fittings available for freestanding, wall or ceiling-mounted options

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