four cast2 line®

The FourCast2® Line skid frame chair tells a story of clear, contemporary, Scandinavian design that blends in perfectly in any canteen or conference facility, where it is frequently used.

The chair is a Four®Design concept, a member of the FourCast2® family, and designed by the award winning designers Christina Strand & Niels Hvass.

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Special features

  1. Perfect in canteens, conference centres, educational establishments and for office use.
  2. The Four Cast2 Line® is a stackable unique chair designed to offer you the maximum comfort and ergonomic support thanks to the V-shaped back and flexible shell.
  3. It’s always delivered with Teflon glides to avoid noise when the chair moves across the floor.
  4. It is possible to upgrade Four Cast’2 Line with seat and fully upholstery.
  5. The chair can easily and quickly be stacked on trollies, in case the need of a quick and easily refurnish.


OPTIONAL Seat and fully upholstery, Inno®Note, Armrest, Linking Device under the seat and Grip Hole
Shell Colours Jungle Green, Olive, Aqua, Antracit, Snow, Black, Oriental Red, Orange, Beach Or wooden shells in Natural Black or Oak Veneer
Base colours Chrome, Mat white, Mat black, Mat Grey, Mat Oriental Red, Mat Orange, Mat Jungle Green, Mat Aqua or Mat Olive
Accessories Griphole, Hook (bags/jacket), Linking Device, Armrest, Inno®Note, Teflon / Felt glides, Trolly / Sack Trolly

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