four Sure 88®

The Four® Sure 88 chair tells a story of clear, contemporary, Scandinavian design that blends in perfectly in any canteen or conference facility, where it is frequently used.

The chair is a Four®Design concept, a member of the FourCast2® family, and designed by the award winning designers Christina Strand & Niels Hvass.

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Special features

  1. Perfect  in canteens, conference centres, educational establishments and for office use.
  2. The Four® Sure 88 is a unique and robust stacking chair designed to offer you the maximum comfort and ergonomic support thanks to the V-shaped back and flexible shell.
  3. The chair is available in 9 attractive colors and in wooden shells.
  4. It’s always delivered with Teflon glides to avoid noise when the chair moves across the floor.
  5. It is possible to upgrade Four® Sure 88 with seat and inside upholstery, Inno®Note, Armrest, Linking Device under the seat or on the frame and Grip Hole.
  6. The chair can easily and quickly be stacked on trollies, in case the need of a quick and easily refurnish.

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