The Why ottoman (3 prongs) can be utilised as a stand alone piece or grouped to create sculptural configurations. Why is an ideal high traffic public seating system for malls, airports, foyers and galleries.

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Special features

  • The Fursys Square-series is a simple lined system which has a unique, refined design that allows for various applications and compositions.
  • The System is designed to offer a new solution to break out hot desking, quiet and break out communication spaces.
  • Square is precision manufactured for high commercial use and has been tested to BIFMA standards. Square is designed by Italian born Claudio Bellini and has won international design awards for its innovation, concept and premium quality.
  • The opened hole in upper wall unit
    enables storage of goods simply
    and conveniently. (The options of
    1hole and 2holes are available).
  • T box as an interior element divides the space and creates comfortable
    atmosphere. IT box supports the usage of IT gadget with side light and
    electronic power(wireless charging, plug).


Models Sofa , Screen , Table
Extras IT Box , Cushions
Tea Plate Movable tea plate is useful when having a conversation with light refreshmen
Hanging Plug Built-in plug supplies power and functions as armrests.

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