The Why ottoman (3 prongs) can be utilised as a stand alone piece or grouped to create sculptural configurations. Why is an ideal high traffic public seating system for malls, airports, foyers and galleries.

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Special features

  1. Matrix is part of Luxxbox’s acoustically rated pendant series. This rectangular array of cleverly interconnected acoustic panels, adds both visual appeal and function to the space.
  2. Available as individual units or interconnected run lengths for infinite cool.
  3. Available as individual units or continuous run lengths
  4. Highly effective sound absorption
  5. Light source LED
  6. Optional upwards wash lighting
  7. 4 Suspension cables, height adjustable
  8. Comes with 3 Meters of power cable
  9. Suitable for indoor environments
  10. Group 1S fire rated
  11. Class D sound absorption NRC 0.45 Class C NRC 0.70
  12. Minimum 65% recycled material


MATRIX INFINITE Choose any standard size Matrix and stack to create run lengths for infinite cool. Interconnected runs of up to 10 meters provide the perfect solution for lighting corridors and hallways, whilst acting as a means of sound management.
LIGHT SOURCE SPECIFICATIONS All Matrix LED luminaires are equipped with LED boards of the following specifcation: S – 7200 lumen, 120VAC, CRI 80, 178W M – 9600 lumen, 120VAC, CRI 80, 240W L – 12000 lumen, 120VAC, CRI 80, 298W
DIMMING OPTIONS 100%-10% dimming is compatible with the following ELV dimmers: – Lutron Nova NLV-600-WH – Lutron Maestro MAELV-600-WH – Lutron Diva DVELV-303P-WH – Leviton VIZIA + Decora Cat-NO.VPE06-1LZ – Leviton Decora DSE06-10Z – Leviton Illumatech Slide Dimmer IPE04-1LZ

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