The Why ottoman (3 prongs) can be utilised as a stand alone piece or grouped to create sculptural configurations. Why is an ideal high traffic public seating system for malls, airports, foyers and galleries.

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Special features

  1. Every family needs the dreamer and the Podia Pod is that sibling.
  2. Appearing ready to take flight, you can get straight to work in the Podia Pod or just take a moment to innovate.
  3. Single or Double Podia Pods join the Podia Collection to redefine commercial sofas
  4. Privacy walls
  5. Functional nook with acoustic dampening
  6. Integrates into Podia sofa system as required
  7. Timber components from solid Oak
  8. Upholstery to client’s specifications
  9. Integrated low tables and side tables as required


Double Pod 1.5m (11 /2yd) Fabric Seat 1.5m (11 /2yd) Fabric Back 5.5m (6yd) Fabric Pod
Single Pod 1.0m (1yd) Fabric Seat 1.0m (1yd) Fabric Back 3.0m (31 /4yd) Fabric Pod


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