ThoughtWall Totem

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Special features

  1. Use Luxxbox’s innovative ThoughtWalls to create three or four sided freestanding Totems. ThoughtWall Totems are agile and reconfigurable to work whenever and wherever you need them. Choose from two different widths and different surface finishes to create the perfect pop-up work zone.
  2. Freestanding, flexible and agile.
  3. Three or four sided totems available with different surface finishes
  4. Choose from pinable, writeable or acoustic panels to assist with sound reduction.


THOUGHTWALL STANDARD COLOURS Red , Bright Yellow ,Bright Blue ,Charcoal ,Orange Green , Light Grey (Additional colours and patterns available on request).
THOUGHTWALL JOINER 2-Way Fixed 180 Degree Joiner LX-TW-2WF , 2-Way Variable 120 Degree Joiner LX-TW-2WV , 3-Way Adapter LX-TW-3W ,


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