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Originally founded in South Africa in 1968, KolorKode Filing Systems was established in Australia by Castledex Business Systems in 1984. At the time, its founder, the late Mr Ian Dewar created and patented the KolorKode Fullvue® Lateral and Quickvue® Drawer Files.

Now based in Perth, Western Australia, KolorKode has become one of the largest filing system businesses in Australasia, producing and distributing a comprehensive range of products across Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

For the past 40 years, KolorKode's parent company Castledex has provided innovative filing and storage solutions, helping businesses function more productively and profitably. The name KolorKode has become synonymous with professionally designed filing systems and solutions. Over time the number of potential applications for this range of products has kept on growing, as we’ve tailored solutions to meet an ever expanding list of satisfied customers; from small home office clients, to Corporate, Medical, Hospitals and large Government departments.


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Our team of friendly, dynamic people are committed to service of the highest order, and have been key to the success of this family business. We continue to strive towards exceeding our client’s expectations in terms of innovation, quality, service and product.

Our motto has always been and continues to be to "Save Space, Save Money and Save Time"; we firmly believe that we have managed to live up to this promise for thousands of clients Worldwide. We feel that KolorKode is not just a range of innovative filing products, but a complete solution that is adaptable to suit almost any application.

Kathy Goodson is our current resident filing expert and with over 20 years experience in this industry there is not much she doesn't know!


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Filing and Storage is our core business and we not only offer Kolorkode as a product but as a unique solution that we can tailor to your situation.

With that in mind we have a suite of services around getting you a solution that works for you.

Filing Services:

  • Filing Consultation - There are many questions with regards to filing; What type of filing system do i need? How do i file by subject? Do i need Lateral or drawer files ? How can i convert from manilla folders to open files? Leveraging our years of experience allows us to provide anwsers to these questions. We provide a full filing solution based on your exact needs.
  • Space Consultation - To help you decide how much filing storage you really need, for now and in the future. We can consult with you with what Storage Equipment best suits your business from a tambour cabinet to an electronic compactus.
  • Indexing and Clipping Service -Applying clips and Labels to your Files can be a long and tedious process. We can take that stress away for a small fee. PRoviding us with an excel spreadsheet with the filing names and an index methodology we can have your files clipped and index within the week in our sheltered workshop.
  • Custom printed Files -When one of our standard files won't do, we offer a custom printed files in all shapes, sizes and colours. Want your logo on your files or special information recorded? No Problem.
  • File Conversion - converting old systems into new colour-coded folders and loading them into new, high-density storage
  • Interfiling - Filing back-logged loose documentation into a filing system
  • Auditing - Checking files actually held with computer records of what files there should be
  • Inventory checking - Cataloguing records held and creating a database for future client use
  • Transition to Archive - Boxing up Teams can be provided to clear Filing Rooms in a controlled process whereby records are barcoded and scanned into barcoded archive boxes for transition to archive, leaving the client with a fully retrievable archive and clear office space
  • Document Classification - Sometimes clients have files which are unstructured but require sorting into Document types, HR files being a good example of this. We offer the service of sorting filed documents into pre-agreed types and re-filing so that clients have a properly structured system as a result
  • Office Clearance - When relocating or downsizing, the offices that are no longer required need to be emptied. Civica can take care of this for you. Once the location in question has been vacated, we can send in a team to arrange and carry out the removal and disposal of all the unwanted items left behind

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