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Contracts Manager

Castledex is on the hunt for a contracts manager. 

The Contracts Administrator administers established contracts, in accordance with the Contract Management Plan and approved procedures, to achieve delivery of contractual obligations to agreed standards.

Castledex undertakes large projects within the furniture and FFE industry – these require a good understanding and reading, interpreting and delivering on large Contracts with Builders and private entities. This job will


Duties and responsibilities

 Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Contribute to the development and implementation of contract management plans by sourcing
  • documents and established contracts, as well as monitoring performance and addressing nonperformance, to achieve the required contract outcomes
  • • Administer contracts in accordance with approved Contract Management Plans and procedures and
  • update contract details to maintain the integrity of contract information
  • • Interpret and explain contract requirements, and terms and conditions to stakeholders to support
  • compliance with statutory and policy requirements and inform decision-making,
  • Establish and maintain stakeholder and supplier relationships to identify and minimise risk, and maximise the value from the contract
  • Proactively identify and manage contract risks to meet organisational obligations and achieve the planned outcomes of the contractContacting current customers to keep them posted on new developments, offers, and improvements.
  • Acting as a liaison between the Sales department and vendor representatives.
  • Providing suggestions to expand the sales volume. Critically leading exploration into new areas.
  • developing, reviewing and negotiating variations to contracts, programs, projects and services
  • responding to inquiries and resolving problems concerning contracts, programs, projects, services provided, and persons affected
  • managing paperwork associated with contracts, programs, projects and services provided
  • working with Project Managers, Architects, Engineering Professionals, owners and others to ensure that goals are met
  • advising senior management on matters requiring attention and implementing their decisions
  • overseeing work by contractors and reporting on variations to work orders
  • preparing and reviewing submissions and reports concerning the organisation’s activities
  • collecting and analysing data associated with projects undertaken, and reporting on project outcomes
  • Creating Job packages for jobs which includes the raising of Purchase Orders / Sales Orders / Entries into Servicem8.
  • The liasing with suppliers and subcontractors tracking said job packages and liasing with installation team once those job packages.


Key Challenges

  • Explaining contract requirements, terms and conditions and the need for compliance in a meaningful way to stakeholders, given the complexity of many contracts and the diverse needs of stakeholders
  • Applying required administrative processes and effectively monitoring contract performance against agreed terms, given the high volume of contracts being administered
  • Managing a large contract whilst completing other job packages in assistance with the procurement manager.


To apply for this role please email ben@castledex.com.au

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