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We are strengthened by the partners that we work with.

When looking at partners for our business we saw a synergy with the way Haworth do business and their purpose. We have been talking solutions for a long time – Haworth have been doing it longer.

Haworth is a global leader in the design and manufacture of office furniture and an innovator of organic workspaces. Serving markets in more than 120 countries, Haworth combines workplace knowledge with global capabilities to create high-performance environments that support truly successful organisations.

Castledex is the exclusive dealer for Haworth in Perth. Through Haworth’s extensive national and international network, Castledex also has the extended ability to provide clients with solutions that can be replicated across Australia and internationally.

The new Haworth x Friends platform – where Haworth gathers together some of the world’s leading brands to explore global cost effective manufacturing supply chains has enabled us to source some of the most innovative and beautiful design pieces from around the world.


*Fursys HQ – Seoul 

As a valued manufacturing partner – Fursys believe an office is a space for living as well as working. This closely aligned with our beliefs. 

Fursys have been our valued partner for over two years and have never let us down. Their commitment to quality and the environment are second to none .

Recognized worldwide for its design and quality excellence FURSYS has won numerous awards, at home and abroad. It is the first Korean company to be awarded the world’s top three design awards (RED DOT, IDEA, IF).
FURSYS pursue diversification of design through its in-house
Research & Development center and collaboration with famous designers from abroad.

FURSYS knows chairs. That is because they are a specialised brand dedicated to the research, design and manufacture of chairs. Working in an office or at home typically involves sitting in one position for an extended amount of time, adding stress to the structures of the spine and posture. 

Combined with cutting-edge ergonomic technologies supporting human movements to the maximum level of comfort, our smart and creative designs imbue a stronger value to your life. Determined to manufacture only the highest quality products, our uncompromising spirit of craftsmanship manifests itself in the final touches on details. 

“Innovation is, for us, the driving force that produces results.”

Four Design develops furniture concepts for current and future generations. Their furniture is characterised by superb functionalism and a simple, minimalistic design with an international appeal. Conceptualising ideas that reflect their values and creating a common thread throughout their collections, products are developed to encourage interaction between people and to create harmony in the interiors, no matter where they are being used.

Four Design’s belief in the value of human relations and knowledge sharing is evident in the development of their collections. Their research and development in to how people use space and their analysis of changes within the market, particularly surrounding the approach to collaborative learning, result in functional features in their product ranges without compromising the minimalistic design.



Introducing to the Castledex product portfolio, MOSSwall®

The ultimate synergy of nature and design. MOSSwall® is created from 100% natural lichen picked from sustainable sources in Scandinavia, is hand Made in Italy, antistatic, patented by VERDE PROFILO® since 2009.

The innovative patented system to bring the outdoors – in, is preserved using an organic solution and treated to prevent dust settling, making it totally maintenance free. MOSSwall® can be utilized in a number of ways for unique interior design, sound control, light solutions, furniture, corporate branding, or simply to bring nature indoors.

gohome is a forward-thinking Australian design brand that mirrors Australia’s relaxed lifestyle. Designing and manufacturing quality, design-led and affordable products with world-wide appeal. Gohome’s award-winning products are divided into 3 sub brands, Relax, Work & Play catering for residential, commercial and kid’s furniture. View the range here



Castledex are excited to launch their new partnership with Australian design studio Apparentt

Established in Victoria by husband & wife team, the Apparentt range features stunningly crafted furniture and lighting pieces, designed with restraint, constructed with passion and produced locally using only the highest quality materials.


Melbourne-based Something Beginning With infuse a unique dynamic to the Australian design landscape through their intelligent and refined range of Australian made furniture. A sophisticated colour palette and simplicity both in form and materials are signature to the brand.

Born in 2011, from the creative pairing of founders Lisa Vincitorio and Laelie Berzon – with a vision to inspire, SBW strives to unify the functional with the visually captivating, to create a unique and balanced product blend. SBW assist in the selection of adaptable furniture that can meld into an existing space or allow the client to create an individual statement through customisation.

A Melbourne-based manufacturing network enables SBW to design, manufacture and deliver a high quality product with a desirable 4-6 week window.


Framery – Are all about creating happier workplaces.

How can we not love that ? We are excited to be bringing Framery into the Perth Market. Framery is the pioneer and the world’s leading manufacturer of soundproof private spaces for solving noise and privacy issues in open offices: Our products make employees happier and more productive in offices of dozens of the world’s leading companies, including Microsoft, Puma and Tesla. In fact, 40% of all Forbes 100 companies use Framery.

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