Ac-Lipse by Luxxbox

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Special features

  1. Inspired by the awe of a lunar eclipse, the Ac-lipse sure to suit any interior space helps reduce sound-related stress and fatigue.
  2. The LED luminaire does double-duty as a means of sound management to reduce reverberation in noisy spaces.
  3. Customisable acoustic panel and frame colours
  4. Adjustable angles for different light directions
  5. 2 suspension cables, height adjustable
  6. Minimum 65% recycled material
  7. Suitable for indoor environments only
  8. 1 to 10V dimming
  9. Available in Medium & Large sizes


Dimensions Med - 600dia x 650W mm / Large - 1000dia x 1050W mm
Panel colours Light Blue, bright blue, light grey, charcoal, green
Frame colours Black anodized, brass anodized, silver anodized, copper anodized

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