Castledex Custom Tambours

Castledex Custom Tambours ae great for when you want to stand out from the crowd or need storage not in a standard size.
Complete with our new thin edge design, square Rehaua recessed handles and various colours, sizes and locks to choose from!
Please enquire about what options we have available.

Brand name:Castledex
availability: instock
lead time:1-2 Weeks

Special features

  • Multiple sizes available
  • RAL Colours available
  • Master and Keyed alike option available
  • Multiple options for filing & storage
  • Space saving – no swinging doors
  • Modular all steel construction
  • Receding slatted doors
  • All panels replaceable
  • Optional GECA Approved ABS Door Slats
  • Door is reinforced for strength and low noise impact
  • Powder coat finish
  • Slotted shelves standard
  • Shelves accommodate standard lateral
  • suspension pockets

Can we help?

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