Four Likes

Brand name:Four Design
availability: instock
lead time:6-8 Weeks

Special features

FourLikes™ family is a truly multifunctional modular soft seating system. Fit to get the very best out of the built environment, the system encapsulates a variety of modules adaptable for different spaces and needs. It optimizes your space turning underused areas into active, meaningful spaces and offers everything from the ideal work seating height to acoustic and visual privacy. Movability and flexibility. The possibilities are endless.

  • Designed by Four Design and designer Anders Nørgaard
  • FourLikes™ family consists of Sofas with different back options, freestanding Scooter Benches and modules, Meet module and a wall-mounted bench.
  • Customers choice of upholstery from preferred suppliers; Camira, Kvadrat, Gabriel + more.
  • Over 30 module pieces to play with for endless configurations
  • See spec sheet for full details on sizes and modules
  • CAD/ 3D files available on request

Can we help?

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