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Four Us WallPod ear®

The design is invitingly shaped to bring you coziness and privacy. The concept is a member of our Zoning Family and reflects the clean design of Four®Us.

The special, wall-mounted units can be created in any upholstery or colors completely by your preferences.

We have created the Four®Us WallPod together with designer Anders Nørgaard.

The Four®Us WallPod solution enables the ability to achieve concentration and it provides the framework and possibility for the quick, informal meetings as well as a spot for individual work and quietness. It innovates the way of dimensioning a room, the functionality within and it contributes to a dynamic environment.

Brand name:Four Design
availability: instock
lead time:4-6 Weeks

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Special features

Four®Us WallPod ear brings you the opportunity for exploiting every square feet.

Whether you need a comfy spot for a coffee break or a practical work facility, WallPod ear is the perfect solution for a touch down area.

Here you can sit or stand undistracted.

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