The Why ottoman (3 prongs) can be utilised as a stand alone piece or grouped to create sculptural configurations. Why is an ideal high traffic public seating system for malls, airports, foyers and galleries.

Brand name:Fursys
availability: instock
lead time:6-8 Weeks

Special features

  • Be connected with simple and sharp design. The BeConn series creates a centre for collaboration using a variety of styles to fit even the smallest workspace.
  • This series promotes more effective collaboration through connecting together IT devices such as a display monitor, utilising a neat wiring system.
  • BeConn is available in a multitude of finishes, shapes and sizes with straight edge or tapered edge worktop.

  • An incorporated vertical wire management organiser is available in the leg upright to maintain a neat appearance.
  • High space utilization since a
    monitor can be installed at table
    without separate shelf
  • Can select from Tapered edge type with emphasis on sharp design
    or Flat edge type with neat look


Models Meeting, Collaborative ,Boardroom
Extras Monitor mounts , In desk Power box
Monitor mount CCA0 300 300 · 390 · 650
Table drawer CCA7002 600 · 250 · 80

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