High Nest

Brand name:+Halle
availability: instock
lead time:6-8 Weeks

Special features

The High Nest Chair is a soft, inviting and comfortable upholstered lounge and bar stool. The High Nest Chair boldly challenges the conventions of the traditional high seat and offers the opportunity to work, meet, or eat comfortably, while still having an overview over the premises. The High Nest Chair is specially crafted to achieve the right amount of steadiness and elegance. Steel frame in black or grey. Part of the Nest series that comprise sofas, chairs and tables in two levels. Available in all types of textiles and leather types.

+Halle believe that the future of furniture lies in spaces that adapt to the behavior of the people who use them, meaning that the design needs to achieve a synthesis of context, function and performance.

We are motivated by the transformation in the use of public space: how people relate to large shifts in work, mobility, technology and privacy. Driven by understanding how spatial cultures evolve, we are interested in the complex, diverse interplay between human behavior, design and architecture.

It is time to think beyond the generic domestic influence on our public spaces, instead, we really should look at the actual needs and let purpose inform our environments.
designer portrait

Height x Width x Depth
1070mm x 650mm x 600mm

High quality molded foam
Steel frame

Legs in black RAL 9005 / light gray RAL 7035 powder coated steel
Available in all textiles and leather types

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