I.AM Folding

Brand name:ThinkingWorks
availability: instock
lead time:4-6 Weeks

Special features

Flexible and Versatile.

I.AM folding tables are offered as a tilt-top stacking option as part of the flexible and versatile I.AM table base system, providing a complete family of product options for the commercial environment. Suitable for hot-desking, breakout areas and offices that require constant change, I.AM folding tables can quickly and easily be tilted, moved and stored.

Important Note: To ensure you are specifying and purchasing the original Thinking Works I.AM product, check for the 3D Mark and eye-shaped beam bracket. Please contact our sales office for more information.

New Zealand:
Distributed through FORZA

Distributed through Monopool

Distributed through Darran

Rest of World:
Please contact Castledex directly

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