Mobile Shelving by Forster

Brand name:Forster
availability: instock
lead time:12-14 weeks

Special features

Merchandising made functional.

Shelving typically provides the backbone of interiors. Achieving a harmonious ambience is therefore at the starting point of our planning efforts. The sheer diversity offered by materials and colour nuances opens up new design opportunities for end panels, which can be supplied as metal, glass or wood panels.

Individualised motifs on your shelving system.

Individualised motifs and digitaly imprinted images are further options for customisation. Perfect for advertising messages right at the point of sale – durable, light-proof and long-lived.

What’s more, using a mobile version of our shelves cuts down on space consumption exactly where space is at a premium: at the POS. Storage areas are turned into business space and storage costs can be kept to a minimum.

Mobile shelving systems

The mobile version of FOREG® 2000 has all the qualities required from a high-performance storage system. Different to stationary bays only the aisle currently in use is open, an arrangement that almost doubles the available storage space.


  • Hand-wheel drive
  • Crank
  • Electric drive


RAL quality marks: RAL-RG614/1, RAL-RG614/4
GS mark for tested safety
ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001
Certified pursuant to EN 1090-1:2012 - Components for steel and aluminium supporting structures

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