Quiet-Revolution provides a haven for phone and Skype calls and a hideaway to complete focus work without tying up meeting room space.

Quiet-Revolution is a stand-alone capsule designed with privacy and focus in mind. It’s an acoustic cocoon for an occupant to sit, spin and transport themselves from the office, while remaining in it.

Quiet-Revolution does not require specific fire and air-conditioning compliance and its shell has acoustically insulated walls that absorb mid-frequency ambient noise.

– The Quiet-Revolution is ideal for open plan and activity based working environments
– It is designed and manufactured in New Zealand by Kiwi’s and the NZ felted wool panel covering provides mid- level acoustic dampening qualities
– It provides privacy and a place to focus, enhancing staff well-being and productivity
– The high seat back closes off the entrance providing 360 degrees of privacy
– Unlike fixed workspace areas, these moveable units do not require individual fire and air-conditioning compliance and can move with you to future locations
– Quiet-Revolution is 100% recyclable
– The Quiet-Revolution 2.1 includes an ergonomic fold down table, power and data
– It’s is 1250mm in diameter and 1800mm high
– The sections are modular providing a choice of colour and flexibility for access and installation

Quiet-Revolution features mid-frequency acoustic dampening qualities. These assist in the reduction of ambient sound when the Q-R is in use. Its height and size also make it a useful piece of furniture for sound absorption when not in use.

Brand name:Haworth
availability: instock
lead time:8-10 weeks

Special features

  • 360 degree privacy from distractions
  • Acoustically insulated walls reduce mid-frequency sounds
  • Movable & modular
  • 1m x 1m Phone Booth ? 1800mm H
  • 1.25m x 1.25m Focus Booth with generous fold-down desk ? 1800mm H
  • Light, power and/or Smart USB available
  • Video conferencing or tablet bracket available
  • Colours and specifications to your requirements


Dimensions 1250mm Diameter x 1800mm High

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