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Special features

Over many lifespans, Sakuru continues its purpose and use – allowing change to happen with little waste of material or need for extra components no matter if businesses change in workstyle, population age and knowledge, from transitional to active working.

A ‘PLATFORM’ that can support individual, group, linear, radiating, meeting and collaborative work-styles and the ability to change from one to the other.

Technology in Business

Sakuru, a comprehensive collaborative platform,allows businesses to cater to single team workor multiple teams working side by side allowingpresentation space to be created when needed.

Minimal Elements

Created using a minimal number of elements – bollard, service rail, work tops and screen – Sakuru is a study ridged form – with height variance from 620 to 1200mm
Clear under desk zone provides a no barrier workpoint for a single or multiple user.  The service rail allows for simple cable installation either first install but also for day 2 installations.  With integral levelling feet Sakuru is able to accomodate all floor situations.


Integrations of services to Sakuru surface tabletops is simple and flexibile due to the no under frame design. Integrating charging, USB and power services have been designed into Sakuru’s DNA.
Controls of the actuators allows single control to each work top but also allow synchronious gang control for team meetings or workshops.

Jackets + Skins 

The design allows for jackets to be fitted to the bollards – in leather, fabric and vinyl. This makes Sakuru’s lifespan stay longer in the supply chain through prolonged usage making it better for our environment.

This makes Sakuru adapt to endless visual inspiration for team or executive areas. Vinyl skins using automotive technology can completely change the colour of the bollard allowing second generation use or simply a change in colour to adapt to a new fitout.

The Future of Workplace Design

An innovative solution designed to facilitate a range of working styles. Sakuru offers a unique versatile approach to the evolving requirements of the workplace.

Now Australian Made

Businesses in Australia can benefit shorter lead-times with Sakuru being manufactured in Australia for the Australian market. Haworth is one of the first major global office furniture manufacturers to get the Australian Made tick of approval. This further demonstrates Haworth’s commitment to local design, local workplace needs, and the expectations of social responsibilities for the community.


SAKURU by HAWORTH – One Platform, Multiple Options from Castledex on Vimeo.

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