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Special features

  1. Shelf 1 is a design that oozes cubular appeal.
  2. It can be easily reconfigured on a whim to divide an open plan space into smaller collaborative zones. The unit can act as a room divider, storage system, a bookshelf and sound-management tool all at once, by simply moving accessories or flipping sound-absorbing panels from side to side.
  3. Other accessories include planter boxes and flexible, light-duty shelves.
  4. Aluminium and timber for sleek and lightweight construction
  5. Configurable in both width and height
  6. Can be fastened to floor and suspended from ceiling (required for large assemblies)
  7. Accessories can be fitted quickly without fasteners and moved between modules easily


HOW TO SPECIFY Example One: LX-SH1-H2-W3 = Luxxbox Shelf 1 at 2 Modules High x 3 Modules Wide Example Two: LX-SH1-H3-W3-M2 = Luxxbox Shelf 1 at 3 Modules High x 5 Modules Wide. Pictured left. For larger, custom configurations contact Luxxbox
Planter Box LX-SH1-ACC-PB Suits potted plants up to 220 D x 370 W x 130 T (8” D x 14” W x 5” H) Sealed plywood box with satin black driptray
Pane LX-SH1-ACC-PNL Blocks off front or back of module for privacy and sound attenuation. PET material available in multiple colors
Shelf LX-SH1-ACC-SH Drop-in to use, no fasteners required. 460 W x 320 D (18” W x 12” D) Satin black powder coated aluminium.


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