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Special features

  1. Perfect for desks, workstations, meeting and dining tables, Slab enables runs of infinite length to fit any contemporary space.
  2. Slab accommodates all workstation essentials including data and power supply, and cable management, as well as privacy and sound concerns with the addition of acoustic paneling.
  3. Interior and exterior options available.
  4. Interior and exterior options available
  5. Available in standard white or powder coated custom color
  6. Modular design allows runs of infinite length
  7. Legs available in solid Australian hardwood and different stains
  8. Data and power supply, and cable management capabilities
  9. Address privacy and sound concerns with acoustic paneling
  10. A wide range of optional accessories available


Hood LX-SL-ACC-HOOD Privacy nook partion. Sound attenuating PET panel
Cable Leg Cable Leg D LX-SL-ACC-PWRLEG Discrete cable feed to floor with strain relief
Cable Tray LX-SL-ACC-TRAY Discrete cable feed along underside of table. Powder coated metal to match worktop.


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