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Castledex has been operating for over forty years in the shelving and storage industry. With a change in direction 3 years ago we put more life into it and explored new ways of looking at storage.

This new range is focused on the same principles we have always operated under; saving time, money and space and all done with style.

With this in mind we have worked hard with our design team to respond to the markets requirements for storage. Looking at the problem of limited floor space and what existing products were available in the market and what we saw as their failings has allowed us to develop a unique take on mobile shelving.




Our reputation has been built over many years through listening to our clients, offering unparalleled levels of service and consistently exceeding expectations. Our company ethos is based on having a friendly approach and on placing an equal level of importance to our suppliers, staff and customers alike, so from concept to creation our team will lead the way forward and demonstrate the true meaning of a working partnership.

No matter how large or small the project, we approach it with the same level of dedication and professionalism, working with you and understanding your needs to ensure that our products exceed your expectations in every way.


Our Partners – Forster

Castledex has a long history working with Forster – A large European company with production facilities in Austria and Germany. They offer an extensive range of innovative products.


Everything in perfect order.

Space is always at a premium. When planning its filing and archiving system, a business most of all wants to save on space and use what space it has to the best possible advantage. FOREG® shelving systems offer optimal solutions for the day-to-day requirements in any given storage situation – from small filing cabinets to large-scale archives, museums and libraries.

The use of high-quality materials and state-of-the-art technologies guarantees that our shelving systems, whether for libraries, offices, museums and galleries, are always just right and exactly to specifications.

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How we help Architects and Designers:

Castledex has spent a lot of time in the industry helping companies with their ‘stuff’ we are concerned with the challenges that stuff creates. How to store it. How to organise it. How to make all the stuff an organisation needs work well within that organization’s space. After years of thinking about and working with stuff, we’ve become very good at it. We would like to share that information with you.

Our goal is to be a resource and partner for the Architect and Design community. By doing what we do best, we can help you make wise choices, save you time and help you avoid pitfalls. The outcome leads to successful projects and happy clients.

Helping you choose wisely Finding the right floor covering, lighting fixtures or exterior finish means ruling out several others. The same is true for storage. There is no one-size-fits-all storage solution. So when it comes to handling all of the materials, supplies, inventory that people will one day clutter your elegantly designed spaces with, there are plenty of options available. Every day we advise, educate and make recommendations on all types of storage equipment. From Stationary Cabinets to High Density Mobile Storage we know it all. When the need arises, we can also create a customised storage system to meet even the most unusual requests.
Avoid the pitfalls!- Our experience allows us to forsee the pitfalls before they happen! For instance floor loading studies and working with structural engineers; we can determine the number of rails (and correct distance between them) needed to ensure the proper operation of a mobile storage system; and we can recommend stainless steel cabinets in environments where laminate finishes just won’t stand up.

Save Time, Money & Space! Castledex can help you take the guesswork out of planning storage systems. We can complete an evaluation of you filing, personnel equipment and company requirements before moving. This allows us to give you a lineal meterage required and work out the best solution based on what you actually need. You can also grab Sketchup, CAD drawings and Revit models for many of our products in our Design Tools area so you can move on to other design tasks. Saving time in dealing with storage gives you more time to focus on what really needs your attention.

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