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Castledex is proud to be partnered with Haworth the leading office chair manufacturer. Haworth is leading the way in ergonomic task seating that supports people’s well being at work and helps organisations increase engagement, creativity and performance.


Haworth task seating features an extensive portfolio of high-performance chairs designed to support greater well being at work for every body.


The world’s first chair designed with edgeless comfort. Inspired by nature, Fern puts the person at the center of work with new levels of balance, flexibility, and performance.

Find out more about Fern here


A high-performing task chair, Zody blends science-based wellness and comfort with sustainability and international design. The product of extensive research and development.

Find out more about Zody here


The Very Family seating solutions that support individual comfort for a variety of tasks, with a global design perspective that unites people and spaces.

Find out more about Very here


Thoughtfully designed and informed by ergonomics, Soji is a highly-adjustable task chair that syncs your body and mind the second you sit down—for healthier levels of performance and well-being, no matter where you work. -Manufactured in NA


Sleek looks and an amazing new performance that’s wholly comfortable. The new affordable task-chair hero in the workplace.

Haworth has leveraged its experience as leader in task-seating to combine the latest in comfort and technology. Aloha makes task-seating more instinctive and fit-for-purpose.

Find out more about Aloha here

What is seating leadership?

Haworth have done extensive research on the relationship between the human body, the chair and how it affects productivity in the workplace. Read more from this article 

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