we think everyone should be inspired at work



The nature of work is changing and so to is the furniture that is defining what it means to work. As workers we are better informed, we work in different way and collobarate more than we have before. Our workspaces have evolved to support that.

At Castledex we have strived to provide furniture that is supports the function of the space it exists in and not the other way around. We know how different a workplace can be when its impacted by good design. We want to help transform your workplace into an awesome place to work. 

That’s the core belief behind our tagline of ‘inspired workplaces’. We feel strongly about it and feel free to ask how we do it! 


We think about you. 

From our task chairs to our workstations to our storage – we think about solutions. What the means we are driven by the problems clients are trying to solve rather than just trying to provide a single peice of furniture with an agenda. 

We ask the right questions in the beginning which allows us to provide you with a solution that will be the right solution for now and hopefully for the future as your needs change. Our consultants work closely with you or the architect or designer to make sure that we meet the brief and you get what you want. 

Our selections are not just based on how the piece looks but also how it performs. Function is the priority here. 


Castledex has a range of capabilities to assist you with what you need. From Project administration to single source contract control. 

Here are a few:

  1. Single Source – We can procure, deliver and install other peoples furniture. Allowing you to deal with just one supplier.
  2. Space Planning – We have the expertise to assist you with capacity whether it be people or filing.
  3. Manufacture of custom items – We are proficient in designing, building and delivering custom furniture for your problem.


Download our capability document here.


With extensive knowledge of current ranges our consultatnts can suggest a furniture plan tailored to your budget, corporate image and staff requirements.

We can provide you with samples and even mock up areas, then you can try out potential furnishings for your office before you buy.

Our design professionals will factor in the following when suggesting furniture:

  1.  Your Corporate image  
  2. Practicality of the furniture
  3. Health & safety- are the chairs ergonomic
  4. Are there warranties on the furniture 
  5. Cost of delivery & assembly
  6. Your storage requirements
  7. That you are getting good quality for the furniture cost

Can we help?

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